Database Design

Learn relational database Design with practical concepts and examples. This series works with any database system!

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What will i learn?
  • Learn the definition of relations, tuples, attributes, and over one hundred other vocabulary words!
  • Learn all of the types of relationships and how to properly design them all within a database. This includes one to one, one to many, and many to many. You will also learn about the difference between a parent table and a child table
  • Learn about all of the types and categories of keys including superykeys, candidate keys, primary keys, alternate keys, natural keys, surrogate keys, simple keys, compound keys, composite keys, and foreign keys
  • Learn database normalization. We will be learning the first 3 normal forms of database normalization. This will reduce redundant and incorrect data as well as protect our database integrity
  • Learn about data, data types, foreign key constraints, and other important concepts used to create the best database
  • Learn to design a database from beginning to end!

Curriculum for this course
52 Lectures 08:21:37
Introduction to Databases and Database Design
11 Lectures 01:45:56
  • Introduction 00:10:41
  • What is a Database? 00:08:42
  • What is a Relational Database? 00:13:04
  • RDBMS 00:14:04
  • Introduction to SQL 00:06:58
  • Naming Conventions 00:03:37
  • What is Database Design? 00:03:24
  • Data Integrity 00:13:28
  • Database Terms 00:15:10
  • More Database Terms 00:10:43
  • Atomic Values 00:06:05
  • Relationships 00:06:23
  • One-to-One Relationships 00:03:20
  • One-to-Many Relationships 00:04:13
  • Many-to-Many Relationships 00:04:43
  • Design One-to-One Relationships 00:11:29
  • Designing One-to-Many Relationships 00:11:00
  • Parent Tables and Child Tables 00:07:00
  • Designing Many-to-Many Relationships 00:16:17
  • Summary of Relationships 00:08:33
  • Introduction to Keys 00:12:57
  • Primary Key Index 00:06:30
  • Look up Table 00:16:55
  • Superkey and Candidate Key 00:19:17
  • Primary Key and Alternate Key 00:07:58
  • Surrogate Key and Natural Key 00:07:36
  • Should I use Surrogate Keys or Natural Keys? 00:09:36
  • Foreign Key 00:12:40
  • NOT NULL Foreign Key 00:13:14
  • Foreign Key Constraints 00:11:48
  • Simple Key, Composite Key, Compound Key 00:12:13
  • Review of Keys and Key Points 00:08:46
  • Introduction to Entity Relationship Modeling 00:08:02
  • Cardinality 00:07:34
  • Modality 00:11:39
  • Introduction to Database Normalization 00:04:58
  • 1NF 00:06:50
  • 2NF 00:08:50
  • 3NF 00:06:19
  • Indexes 00:13:27
  • Data Types 00:11:31
  • Introduction to Joins 00:13:56
  • Inner Join 00:15:41
  • Inner Join on 3+ Tables 00:12:59
  • Inner Join on 3 Tables (Example) 00:16:52
  • Introduction to Outer Joins 00:06:33
  • Right Outer Join 00:05:49
  • JOIN with NOT NULL Columns 00:07:32
  • Outer Join Across 3 Tables 00:05:43
  • Alias 00:03:50
  • Self Join 00:15:08
    Blog Posts 00:00:45
  • Take notes as you go through the course
  • Study the material from each video and memorize the content
  • Memorize the terms given in each video as well as any design techniques, such as using atomic values, the definition of 1NF, etc...
  • You will need tools that allow you to practice designing databases. This could be anything from a pen and paper to premium software. This course will be using a large chalkboard for the first half of the course and then free design software later on. Just know that you will not be required to pay for any design tools!
  • Read any supplementary material provided and attempt to memorize the content and apply it to what you already know
  • Be CREATIVE! Database design is not only a technical skill, but it is also an art! This course will teach you the technical aspects of design as well as the artistic side
  • Be determined. Database design can be a daunting task. It's scary, but easy once you get the hang of things
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Whichever database application you use does not matter! This course will cover design concepts for all relational database management systems. This course is designed for those who want to download this course or watch it ad free. This is a course for relational database design. Here are some examples of the most popular databases:

  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • MiariaDB
  • and MORE!

We start off this course by taking our time to first look at what a database is and how it differs from a spreadsheet, website, filing cabinet, and so forth. We introduce SQL and talk about data definition language and data manipulation language. After about 4 solid videos of explaining databases and SQL, we dive into learning about entities and attributes. We apply all of these concepts to structure tables and relationships. We learn to design all of the relationships and I explain everything in depth.

Most of the videos are on my chalkboard, explaining concepts. This is because it helps to fully understand database design before you dive into designing your own database. Once we go over all of the concepts of database design we will be designing databases from start to finish.

No programming skills are required. This course does not program a database. This course will only be teaching how to best design your database. You may be wondering why such a large course is required for only designing a database. Well, designing a database is an extremely important part of database management. The best design will get us the best results and make programming our database really easy.

After this course you should be able to tackle almost any database design project with confidence and skill. Keep in mind though that learning database design takes a lot of time and effort. Be sure to take notes and stop after each video to reflect on what you've learned. Keeping notes will make this video course a whole lot easier!

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